superrawr funtimes

My name is Alex Lee Gainer -- aka rawrface, aka rawr, aka king boo. This blog is a way for me to better catalogue my life without having to have social media accounts and serves as a wonderful echo chamber. I love skateboarding, running, musicing, computering, woodworking and, of course, sleeping. I am a pro software engineer. I have an undergraduate degree and graduate degree in CS. After being kind of googley for two years, I decided I wanted to torture myself -- I joined the startup world. Currently, I am lead software person @ CloudApp. Most consider me to be an extreme minimalist -- I just like to KISS. Here's my GH profile-- 99% of my work is in private repos.

Here is what some people say about me:

"Alex is an all-star, plain and simple."

Toby Corey: former CRO @ SolarCity, former CEO/Founder @ tuul

"If there’s one thing that defines Alex, it’s dependability. I know that whatever challenges come our way I can rely on Alex to figure it out. The kicker though, is not only can Alex figure it out, but he takes pride in his work. In my opinion the most important thing is craftsmanship and Alex has high standards for code. Dependability + Craftsmanship == The best."

Daniel Fischer: VP Eng. @ CloudApp

"Alex is a nut."

The Sherminator

"Clutch Hitter"

Little League Baseball Trophy Writer